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800cc Suction Canister with lid

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800cc Suction Canister with lid

Suction Canisters with Lid



The Dynarex Suction Canisters feature a self-sealing filter preventing backflow, as well as a foam guard to prevent premature shutoff. The pre-assembled lids on the suction canisters include a patient port with a 20-degree angle to prevent the tubing from kinking. These canisters do not require a separate adapter for use.

  • Superior-quality, a durable plastic system designed for collecting and retaining aspirated materials
  • Pre-assembled lid with common ports and connectors
  • Float shut-off with built-in filter increases flow, eliminating damaging backflow to the suction regulator
  • Foam guard and float valve ultrasonically welded in place, preventing premature shut-off
  • A patient port designed with a straight port (800cc) to prevent kinked tubing
  • Universal design easily fits wall mounts 



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